President Jai Singh

Ayurveda, the life science, accepted worldwide from ancient time as mainstream and effective medicine therapy. Globalization of ayurveda and yoga is now undisputed fact and the western world is now looking towards it. Along with curative medicine, ayurveda is the only system of medicine which speaks of prevention aspects of every disease. Ayurveda education is undergoing a phenomenal change in this era of education. Keeping in view to the ever growing needs of better vaidyas and health seekers. Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Education trust has accepted this challenge of increased demand of ayurved with utmost responsibility. We have equipped ourselves in such a way that we can fulfill the ambition of human society with highest ethical and professional standards. I take this opportunity to appeal society to take up this unique holistic system ‘Ayurveda’ as a medicine system and as career too.

Ayurveda is beyond beginning and ending. A science of eternal healing, it is compared to a vast ocean, and studying Ayurveda to swimming across. A true teacher can teach one how to swim, but the swimming is up to the student; it is a lifelong journey.

Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana , Chapter Thirty