Academic Facilities

College Building

This Institute is spacious and fully equipped with all the amenities including class rooms, laboratories, lecture halls, seminar hall and offices as per the Minimum standard requirements of Central Council Indian Medicine (CCIM) norms.

Teaching Pharmacy

College have developed, well equipped, functioning pharmacy with college which is functioning as per CCIM norms. College Pharmacy, attached with the Department of Rasa Shastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana, is engaged in the production of various types of medicines to meet the requirements of IPD, OPD and Medical Camps etc. The Pharmacy is managed and supervised by HOD of Rasa Shastra Dept. Who is also involved in practical teaching, training and demonstration to UG students in order to impart knowledge about the preparation of different Ayurvedic medicines. Much importance is attached to maintenance of quality of ingredients used in various preparations. Medicines are prepared strictly according to Ayurvedic principles and methods especially those described in Bhaishjaya Ratnavali, Rasa Yoga Sagar, Siddha Yoga Sangrah, Siddha Bhaishjya Manimala, Yoga Ratnakar, Bhava Prakash, Sarangdhar Samhita, etc. In addition, certain highly effective Churans, VatisYogas are also prepared according to the methods prescribed in Ayurvedic Scriptures. The Pharmacy is equipped with modern equipments and machinery. Traditionally used equipments are also available and are put to use, wherever necessary, in the method of preparation.

Herbal Garden

The College has itself owning an herbal garden in the same premises, where the college and hospital are located. A large part of college land is covered by this herbal garden. Garden consist more than 250 different types of Ayurvedic herbal plants/medicinal plants for medicine, demonstration and research purpose. The herbal garden of the college is spread out in an area of 9000 sq. mtr. of land where more than 250 rare species of medicinal plants are grown in the supervision of trained higher teaching faculties along with gardner and multipurpose workers with irrigation facilities. The demonstration room is also available with herbal garden. The herbal garden is very well useful for the students of all professional especially for the second year of BAMS students who have Dravyaguna vigyan as a prime subject and so many green herbs are used teaching purpose, treatment purpose in hospital, preparation of various Ayurvedic medicine in our pharmacy. For clear and easy identification nameplates of the plants with are placed to help the students and general public. The department of Dravyaguna vigyan has a prime role in conception and maintenance of the garden. New plants of different species are periodically added to the gardens.

Central Library:

A specious library provided in the college building with numerous quantities of books, publications and magazines. It has wide space for reading and learning amenities for staff and students separately with more than 10240 books with Magazines and Journals of Ayurveda and Modern both.

Faculty Departments:

The institution has well equipped 14 departments along with highly qualified, skilled, professional and dedicated team of faculty members with distinguished academic record along with teaching, professional experience and headed by the Principal. Each department is equipped with museum, library etc.